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The History of No Talent Clan

Back in the Mists of Time…..

March 2002 It all started off by two players, Silent Killer (Daz) & Voodoo (Tony) who started to play this free online mulitplayer game called Counter-Strike.

Silent Killer worked for Smiler & X7 and they both started to playcounter strike with him, along with Voodoo.

October 2002 One Saturday morning Boomycol was doing some overtime and went to see Silent Killer who was playing this online game (on Militia), Boomy asked how fast it would be on a 56k Modem and Silent Killer said it is.

Boomycol was mightily impressed with this free game and from his 56k modem he began the chore of downloading this free multiplayer game. On a Friday night he went online and started his copy of counter strike for the first time on a map called de_dust2 and from then on he knew that counter strike was a quality game which was well worth playing and on that night he joined up with Silent Killer, Voodoo, X7 & Smiler and they played counter-strike together for the first time.

It all kicked off!!

Playing way back on release 1.4 of Counter-Strike we all started to become familiar with the weapons and these un-usual maps and we all started to ritually play online each weekend for a few hours. Remember this was the days when everyone was still playing on slow 56k modems and when a counter strike server with a ping of 100 was considered awesome!!

We all started to live on the UK2 counter strike server oh so popular and oh so popular with hackers as well. Moving around the different counter strike servers dedicated to each map.

Feb 2003 This new manager where we all worked started to take an interest in counter strike and joined our merry bunch of gamers, playing under the name of Tricky

Now playing on release 1.5 of CS our regular weekend play had now spread to some nights in the week as well adding up the costs to our phone bills.

May 2003 Fed up at playing the game on a modem and a Pentium 2 PC; Boomy ventured into building his first own PC from scratch and also venture into the new world of low pings to the servers and permanent connection Boomy had Broadband installed following up on what Silent Killer & Voodoo had done.

Sept/Oct 2003 With us all now on Broadband Silent Killer & Voodoo Stopped playing CS due to the amount of cheats and hackers and stopped playing CS.

Jan-July 2004 Playing on UK2 Servers and the Blueyonder servers so much we all got to know and be known as regulars and started to move around the CS servers with each other and we enjoyed the company of two players Jester and Jav who we regularly found on our travels. And over the next year we played with some of the old school players on the Blueyonder CS servers who are now legends…

Hey!! There’s this new version of counter strike

When it was released Boomy bought the new version of Counter-Strike called Condition Zero but no one else did and he put it to one side and carried on playing CS but eventually Tricky started playing it and eventually Smiler joined the crew on Condition zero as well.

We all started to make the UK Training Camp server our home. It was always full of players and you had to wait to get on it and it had some great banter and quite a few old school CZ clans started there. We thought we had lost Jester as we had not seen him in months but one day Boomy found him again and he started to play regularly with us again and along with Jav the old crew started back up playing Counter Strike CZ.

September 2004 As we were all online playing together and seeing condition zero clans forming Boomy suggested to Jester we start a UK clan and called it Proper Talent [PT*], knowing Smiler & Tricky were against it we did it anyway and both eventually started to tag up along side us.

October 2004 For some reason Dan5 the head guy of UK Training Camp decided to kill off the CZ servers and eventually move all of his to Counter strike Source and this decimated the home a lot of CS:CZ players had made so we headed off to find new servers.

November 2004 Boomy was playing Condition Zero one night and came across this Condition zero server called BoD (Band of Death) we started playing on BoD and made many friends then with the members and the regulars that played there and over the next six months started to change.

Tricky and Boomy that night found another clan server called ViP (Virgins In Pwning) and played on de_tides, with really good scores for us we were given a lot of abuse from the then CL and Tricky even got banned.

On a Visit to ViP server in Jan 05 one night Boomy & Smiler and got chatting to a new clan member of ViP called Deejay and this lady called Unicorn, who we got in contact with and we introduced them play on the BoD server with us, with Deejay taking over at the helm of ViP as the old members had left.

We haven’t got any Talent have we really ?

No TalentMarch 2005 We never considered ourselves as being good and Tricky, smiler and Jester decided we should become No Talent [NT*] a post on the BoD forums decided our fate and we started the moves to becoming a proper counter strike clan.

April 2005 We changed and started to get people asking if they could join our clan & one night while we was in a drunken stupor over the keyboard this player called Mayhem was having a laugh with us and asked if he could join our clan and we said hell yeah why not!!

Tricky sprung a surprise on us by using is own web space to start a Clan website for us and it is still up and running to this day.

It was a great start for us and if you hunt round the site and on the screen shots you can see quite a few future members of NT playing.

May 2005 We had our very first Clan Match against BoD. Very nervous for us all as this was actually our very first time NOT playing public so we had not got a clue what to do but it all came together and we Won our very first condition zero match, but only just.

July 2005 With us now with 12 clan members with Mayhem in April, Jav in May & Sprocket in June we started to attract more players to the clan and we started to look for a condition zero server of our own.

August 2005 Smiler surprised us with a new and proper No Talent Forum for the clan and along with Mayhems new clan logo we made this a home for us all. Again this is still up and running today.

The Next Step..

No Talent ArtOctober 2005 Saw to big changes in the Clan. With Boomycol, Smiler, Jester & Tricky becoming all Joint Clan Leaders. We got our first very own 16 man condition zero server!!, we rented this off OMFG clan and had a great time expanding and gave us the first taste of running our very own. This month saw us enter the Enemydown ladder for the first time. Still very much inexperienced in CZ matches it was very hard going at first and we still had a lot to learn.

With our public server starting to pick up and we honed how we wanted to play CZ. Making it Fun, fair and even for all players. Welcoming all those that played there and trying our best to make it relaxed and not accusing people of cheating when they were in-fact just pretty good at the game.

To this day this stands out for us we attract very few cheaters or abusers and we rarely need to ban players because every player that comes to our servers knows if they want a good game and a laugh without been accused or banned they can come play on NT.


Feb 2006 Development on the new website started as soon as the old one was released. A big change in design and style was made in the release of the new and current website An openly active forum for our ever expanding clan memberships.


In Enemydown we managed to field two condition zero teams to play two matches at the same time with both coming back with wins. Both teams were a mix of experienced and inexperienced CS players and came from our focus that we allow any clan member to play in matches and not just the best CZ players.

March 2006 Tricky went on a sabbatical AFK as a clan leader and went on to climb a number of mountains for pleasure and jump out of aeroplanes for seconds.

Long standing clan members Mayhem & Sprocket were promoted to Deputy Clan Leaders.

Summer 2006 With our popularity rising even with just one 16 man public server we started to get more an more regular players with the public only been interrupted by ED matches and some light CZ training sessions.

In ED we started to pick up some places and points with the help of a lot of players and us having a ‘core’ of condition zero players available for matches and pcw’s our results started to improve with the help from Achilles and his experience was greatly appreciated.

Autumn 2006 Saw a bit of a quiet period, public was still growing but we cooled the matches down as members returned to university and college after the summer.

October 2006 For his summer sterling work and effort for the clan Cragle was promoted to Deputy Clan Leader

The End…Only for a bit

December 2006 Saw the end of our first public server. Very much help from Nethany & Spotty now at the helm of BoD with Badaim, they gave us a temporary server for us to use in the interim period before we got our new one. Again a lot of our regulars followed us onto the new IP and the server continued where it left off with some new regulars and members coming on board.

The Clan now had over 30 members with us all very much casual players just in it for the fun of the game and not taking it all to seriously with a number of ex Dirty/Warlords members joining us all in for the fun of the game we aimed ourselves more towards to social part of the game with the introduction of more fun maps and all talk to the server.

Were on our own

February 2007 After a lot of fund raising and idea’s and options given but we decided to get our first very own Dedicated box. This allowed us to run what ever we wanted and after a few teething problems over the first few weeks of testing it all started to come together.

May 2007 In under 3 months the NT Gun Mod server became the UK’s No.1 most played on CZ Server and entered the World’s Top 10 Gun Mod servers list, an amazing achievement in such a short space of time and for such a small server with it being only a 20 player server, it is up against a host of 32 player & Dust2 only servers.

Much appreciation to UC for this achievement

To celebrate this we ran the very first Gun Mod Annihilator challenge on the server.

June 2007 With both servers getting more popular by the day with the Gun Mod server having 2000 individual players playing over 3000 hours on the server every week and the Public Server having 1000 individual players playing over 1500 hours each week.

And with the forums have never been busier with nearly 17000 post to 1600 topics made already.

For Clan members we are currently in the final stages of the Maplin Electronic’s 2on2 Championship with £80 worth of prizes up for grabs.

With over 40 members of the Clan and still growing No Talent has become a place where people come and have fun! Come enjoy the game have a chat and a laugh and get their heads blown off!! at the same time.

No Scripts, No Rules, No Hax, No Talent!!

Sorry but this was written off the cuff and CBA to check is rather play some CZ LOL

All bloody Daz’s fault!! LOL


To be continued...